Welcome to Free Soul Yoga Community

Having you here is our privilege, what we want is to only provide you a warm & friendly space for sharing and exchange. Yes,  you will be practicing yoga with our experienced teachers from all over the world, but it's not just yoga, there is more. We want to know you, I meant to really know you; and we want you to be a part of our community because we care. We want this community to be your second home where you can be relaxed and refreshed by practicing of Yoga, addition to all, we want you to be yourself, be who you are. Together, we attract the people that have the same vibes, so that you can meet them here and find your support you need in this community.

Our believe in Free Soul

“If one day, you are no longer searing for love, just focus on loving; you are no longer eager for success, just focus on doing; you are no longer chasing growth, just focus on practicing; that’s when everything really starts. “ -Gibran


"We don't sell Yoga; we just teach for our joy...There is no business here but rather the heart is working...we don't want you to feel the vibration of business but the vibration of Yoga. We feel happy and you all feel happy being here, so you make me feel happy and we make you feel happy. We just spend a little happy time together, that's all. We just talk about something or do something in the name of Yoga. Yes, that's the secret. There is a joy in being together, that's all. "

That's 2017 Life Style Award - Yoga Studio of the Year, editor's pick That’s 上海英文杂志2017年度最佳瑜伽馆

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