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30 Days Yoga Challenge III

March 2018

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30 Days Yoga Challenge

Increase your strength, stamina, and flexibility. Feel for yourself the benefits of a regular yoga practice!

Let's Get Started...

This 30 day challenge will be just that... a challenge. We recommend you do this challenge with the intention of practicing for the love of it! Every day, no matter how you feel, you are going to step on that mat and do the best you can. Honouring your body in every way.... even if it means you can only do the first few exercises, some mindful breathing and the relaxation at the end.

What to expect

Each day there will be a class of 1 hour 15 minutes. The classes will mostly be made up of Meditation, Sun Salutation, active Vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga but you can also expect a good mix of other yoga styles.

Meditation - Ground your body and mind meditation

Meditation will help you to become a fully functioning human being, being kind, compassionate and caring towards yourself and all that we come in contact with. We do that through restoration of body and mind. During this meditation we will focus on physical sensations, hearing and the breath.

Sun Salutations Galore - A mix of classical and variations of Surya Namaskar. We warm up the spine, shoulders, hips and hamstrings first and then we get into a continuous flow of energising Sun Salutations. The variations will focus on your core, arm strength, hips and back.

Why join the challenge?

Practicing yoga every day can improve your health and wellbeing! It will help you build a healthy habit and you'll experience increased strength and flexibility.

Who is it for?

This program includes mostly 'all levels' and 'level 1/2' classes which are suitable for beginners as well as intermediate. We will also have a few classes towards the end of the program to challenge you!

Remember to keep it fun, do what you can and practice for the joy of practicing!

Program Outline:

Practice Vinyasa flow, meditation and Hatha class every week for 4 weeks. The classes build up gradually making it accessible to everyone. Each week has a different focus.. see below!

Week 1: Lengthen legs, open hips - Be balanced!

Warm up and prepare the body appropriately. Building some strength and learning correct postures to release and open the hips and legs… then come into the main part of the class and this put into practice whilst balancing!

Week 2: Core strengthening flow!

Have fun with strengthening your core. This challenging core strengthening flow emphasises the awareness of the entire axial skeleton as your core. From crown to tail working the spine and the muscles that support the spine: flexion, extension, lateral flexion both sides and twisting both sides.

Week 3: Hips - Strong glutes, stable hips and pain free back!

We will focus on how we can use our glutes more to stabilize our hips and have a healthy back as a result. Expect a bit of flow and a bit of exploration. You will come away with an understanding of how to make more use of your buttock muscles

Week 4: Heart to the sky! - chest opening, happy shoulders and back!

Feel the pull of your heart toward the limitless sky! We will incorporate backbends with a rhythmic Sun Salutation in the beginning and work with your own level of chest openers. This is a more dynamic class where we will work and open certain parts of the body that will help us free our upper back and shoulders. You’ll leave this class with a new awareness and appreciation of the muscles that keep you upright.  

Dear all, From the bottom of my heart, I hope I can help all of you to achieve a healthy mind, body and soul. My classes are open to everyone irrespective of their profession, cast or creed.

Hope to see you all soon…Love Jade!!

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