Dear all,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude toward each one of you who has been supporting FREE SOUL YOGA in the past couple months,  and to each one of you who has been supporting me on my journey in Shanghai.  I wish you all Happy New Year, and I wish you all a year filled with Peace, Love, Happiness, Heath, Wisdom, Strength, and Adventures in 2017!

Looking back over 10 years life experience in Shanghai, it wasn't easy but I consider I have been very luck. Came to Shanghai on my own in 2005 from a small village with population of 600 people (see pictures below), I wasn't scared at all, instead I was super excited ... because my heart wanted to be here.

I had no plan about the future.. as I didn't grow up that way and no one taught me "to plan the future",all my asset was/still is a pure & kind heart, a simple mind but always willing to learn more, a backpack, and a later-on-added-suitcase.

If you have read my blog, you might have known that I have done many different "jobs":
2003~2005, Waitress- in order to continue my English learning; I have to say, it's the best 3 years in my life as I was super happy learning English.
2006~2010, Part time baby-sitter - to make sure I could have the chance to continue learning web design and to show my gratitude toward my "family" in Shanghai;
2006~2011, Web Designer & Programmer- pure curiosity, and I still wish I could be an engineer one day, love being creative.
2008~now, Yoga Instructor - Pure love and passion;
2009, Part time translator for Yoga Teacher Training course - consider being a translator is the high point you could reach while learning a language.
2012, Marketing Manager- consider myself lucky to be promoted from a web designer to a marketing manager;  
2012~now, Founder of Meetup outdoor yoga, Yogalover Group in Shanghai - pure love and passion, simply just wanted to share what I love with people, especially with those who can't afford to join any yoga studio in town;
2015~2016, Operation manager & yoga instructor for a fitness company in Jinqiao Pudong - daily commute from Jingan to Jinqiao just want to learn more about management;
2016.10~, Founder of FREESOUL YOGA, Originally Yoga Garden - naturally or deep down in my heart it felt so right, it felt it meant to be, like a gift from the universe.

I have to admit after teaching in so many different studios in Shanghai for so many years, "Yoga Garden" was still the best yoga studio and community in town. A big THANKS to Sarah.

I never thought about I would run my own yoga studio in Shanghai but I am doing it now... without any plan... It might sounds scary for some people, but somehow it doesn't scared me at all, instead, it felt like meant to be. All my life has been like this, no plan but dare to have wild dreams, then allow life to come to you. I have to say, I was very happy to be the chosen one who could take over "Yoga Garden" instead of seeing it closed down (in Chinese, we call this Yuanfen), and I am still very happy that we could continue to expand / enrich the spirit of whatever "Yoga Garden" has created ... Without each one of you, this would never happen.

 I am very grateful to have the opportunity to continue offering regular yoga classes to each one of you, and I am very confidence that TOGETHER, we can build up a much better & a stronger yoga community which we could support each other in every aspect in life. Please allow me to say once again THANK YOU!

A new year just started, together with love, discipline, compassion,  dedication, focus, and encouragement, let's make a better 2017!

Thank you all,