Jade began her yoga journey in 2002 while she was a students in med school, at that time she didn't know there was a thing called yoga. As you might heard of stories that kids in rural China couldn't go to school or / and purchase their dreams easily, Jade is one of those kids. Luckily she was able to go to school, but just not purchasing her dreams - Jade has always wanted to go to high school and then university since she was a kid, but as she has two sisters, none of them was able to purchase the dream of university only academic school which was chosen by the father. There has been always fire inside this girl Jade that as long as she finds something she really like or love from her heart, she will continue and no one can stop her.  4 years being in a school study something that chosen by her father didn't stop Jade continuously  searching what she loves from the bottom of her heart, at that time, she found two BIG ones: one was spending every single night in the lab smelling formalin while studying the mystic human body; and second was self-taught her English.  Because of the strong appreciation towards the beauty of the human body-the structures, the different shapes of the muscles and all the beautiful organs, Jade created her own sequences just to stretching the body. That's how Jade began her journey of late-on known as yoga :-)

Another BIG LOVE of Jade back then was English. Out of so many subjects, Jade chose to self-taught herself English because she has a BIG and WILD dream - one day she can go to the USA to meet the president Bill Clinton, even now, the dream still carries…Yes, it was true, having a dream of meeting the former president of the United States was a big motivation of Jade study of English. Some of the people from the village made fun of her by saying, it's easy to go the U.S.A, just found yourself American husband - to Jade, that was absolutely a joke,  and of course she had no idea why people had that kind of thoughts or mindset. Anyway...  Besides this wild dream & ridiculous dreams to some people, Jade chose English because she wanted to find a job that has no requirement for financial status of her or her family, no Guanxi (connection) BUT ONLY her capabilities - back then in  the village, if you wanted to find a job in the state-owned hospitals in town or in the city, you needed Guanxi (connection) or have enough power or money to do so, and Jade hated that and she knew her family had nothing, and she didn't want her dad to be on his knee begging the job for her. At that time, Jade believed that if she could speak better English than the ones that have power, has money or Guanxi (connection), she would have a better chance to get the job. It is this strong believe that brought or formed Jade's life today.  

So, find your love, even it seems there is no way; if you don't know what is your love, continue to search until you find it, once you find it, throw your whole heart to it. If the current circumstances are not your favor, have a believe, a strong believe that can carry you on, when the time is right, your favors things will start to unfold and they will become effortless :-)