There is always a story behind everything ... I think that is the spark of life. What is the story of the name "FreeSoul"? Before FreeSoul, there was a realization or strong desire for the word "Freedom". Jade spent 4 years studied preventive medicine by the choice of her Dad. That 4 years was probably the darkest years in Jade's life and she was 16 years old.  As the smartest kids in the family and in middle school, somehow Jade wasn't as smart enough or didn't have the encourage to share with her Dad about her dreams - which was going to high school and entering university, she ended up accepting whatever her Dad has chosen for her instead - Normally back then in the village, Dad is the one who speaks loud, everyone else just follows. 4 years of that miserable life washed away by tears in the night under the duvet or a hidden dark corner somewhere in the school campus, even sometime out loud in the class room... You can't change the things that already being done, the only things you can changes are the things you can control. 4 years in school, while all her classmates spending time out shopping or party, Jade found her loves: 1) indulging herself in the lab studying human body -  Anatomy the only subject she was actually interested in Med school 2) checking on the English news papers or magazines in the library and read all different philosophy books 3) Weekend cycling around the city - this was Jade s favor and she was so lucky that the old man who fixes bikes right outside the school campus learned Jade a super girly bike for free and Jade loved riding it... every weekend 4) visiting the flower & birds market - this was another favor part of Jade's weekend surrounded by beautiful things 5) Running up and down the only rocky mountains that right behind the campus in the early morning or afternoon as a workout and at the same, being with the nature 6) Being the mail deliver girl. She somehow loved "this job" so much and she didn't know why... She often felt like she was like a bridge connecting two sides.  Now she knows it's the responsibility that this mail person carries made Jade loved what she was doing   7) practicing the later-on known as "yoga" sequencing after the mountain climbing  8) Read English super loud in the early morning behind the classroom under a yellow longly light ball - that was how Jade practicing her English by reading loud and listening to herself 

See, if you have to do something or forced to do something that you don't like, to balance it out or to continue the life you didn't choose, you have to find things you love to compromise :-) So glad Jade found hers in med school. So after 4 years, with everything she had experienced and gone through, she learned one word, only one word - Freedom. She wanted to be free to do the things she loves and no matter what. That's why after graduating from medicine school, Jade decided without any hesitation to go to Yangshuo - a beautiful county in southern part of Guilin, to continue her journey of studying English - the only way for her back then, also now she thinks it's the best way she found back then, was working in the restaurant as waitress and speaks to all the customers from all over the word:-) And yes, it worked and it worked really. Of course, speaking wasn't enough, Jade started to read English books, with a dictionary of course. The first book she finished - too bad she can't remember the name, but it's not thin, which took her a month to finish. If you run into Jade, speak to her you will see what I meant :-) 

Obviously,  Its has been a very strong desire for Jade to wish to be or to be a FreeSoul since she was 16-year-old. Desires never dies, you just have to re-discover them. Once you discover them, let them be free, let them breath so they can grow then they can fly - that is called the ultimate freedom, a FreeSoul!